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September 6, 2011 / cathyroe

Tips for Solo Dancers

Solo Dancers, many of you are back in the studio and getting ready to pick out your solos. I want to give you some tips for preparing your solo. You can see them all in this video.

But here, in writing,  is a HUGE tip. Be Different!  Be ORIGINAL.

There are so many soloists at competitions these days.  YOU want to be remembered by the judges, a stand out!

How??? There are lots of ways:

1.  Music – Choose a song that no one else will be dancing to.  It is not hard to be original with the millions of songs available, just go to itunes and start your search. Choose something that really resonates with you, everything from the melody to the lyrics.  Choose music that seems to tell your story, in a way that you could say ‘wow, that song was composed just for me!’

2. Costume – choose something that isn’t what everyone else is wearing this season. The “baby doll” dress is everywhere.  Baby doll dress, bare legs, rhinestone necklace… can you choose something else? Something new and different?

3. Personality!  Stage presence is vital… need I say more? Give the judges someone to fall in love with.  YOU!


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